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Harry Potter Icon Challenges
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This is an icon contest community dedicated to everything Harry Potter! Every week there are three different challenges to enter: Capture, Text, and Theme. The winning icons from each category recieve a banner made by myself. More information about the community can be found below. If you are a new member please read all the rules before entering a challenge.

Every week there are three different challenges. Here is what they are and a little about them. You can enter three icons in each of the three challenges.

Capture Challenge- Images are provided and you make an icon out of one of these images.

Text Challenge- The mod provides a quote, excerpt from a book or lyrics to a song. You then must choose 3 consecutive words and use them on your icon (THEY MUST BE LEGIBLE)!!

Theme Contest- I give you a theme and you must make an icon focused on that theme.

Do you have a challenge suggestion?


1. All icons must be 100x100.
2. Icons must be original.
3. You can not vote for yourself and you CANNOT tell others to vote for you.
4. All icons must remain annonymus until the end of the challenge!
5. You may enter 3 icons per challenge every week. (That means that every week you can enter three icons for Cap, three icons for Text, and three icons for Theme.)
6. Animation, text, brushes and blending are fine unless stated otherwise.
7. No use of bases made by other people, you must crop the icon on your own!!!
8. Icons must be appropriate!! (the occasional bad word is okay, no nudity)
9. Do not vote annonymously!

How to Enter your Icons

To enter a contest you simply leave a comment on the challenge post (comments will be screened). The comment must include the the name of the contest you are entering(theme, capture, textual), a preview of the icon, and the url. Here is an example...




At the end of the week, when the challenge is over, I will put up the voting. Place your vote in a comment. You do not have to be an icon maker to vote nor do you have to be a member.

Vote for your three favorite icons for each category and the two "special categories" for the week. "Special Categories" are categories like Best Coloring, Best Cropping, Most Original, and Best Text. When you vote be sure to read and follow the rules in the post otherwise your vote won't be counted.

Your comment should look something like this:
Cap: 5, 18, 6 Best Coloring: 15 Most Creative: 4
Text: 8, 9, 2 Best Coloring: 6 Most Creative: 5
Cap: 3, 17, 12 Best Coloring: 3 Most Creative: 17

Icon of The Month

All the first place winning icons are automatically entered into Icon of The Month. At the end of the month I will post the voting. The creator wins ETERNAL GLORY and a banner made by one of the mods. The winning icon and icon maker will then be featured on the sidebar of the site for the rest of the month.


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