Week 44 Winners

Here are the winners from Week 44. Soon I will be starting a LIMS challenge, so look forward to that! I am considering having one more challenge before that begins, though. Would anyone be interested in a banner challenge? I want a new banner! Let me know in the comments below.

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Week 44 Voting

Here is Week 44 voting (finally)!!! Please read the rules so you know what to vote for. Please vote for one most creative in each category!

- Vote in a comment- they are screened.
- Vote for three icons in each challenge. If you do not vote for three, your vote will not be counted!
- Vote for most creative in each category!
- Don't vote for yourself.
- Don't tell others to vote for you.
- Do not vote anonymously.
- Voting ends when we have enough votes.

***Please copy this example into a comment and vote like this for each section:
Most Creative:
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I am going to be posting voting for Week 44 tomorrow. So if any of you want to make some last week entries.... that would be awesome. And I have officially decided that I will be having a LIMS. So that will be coming up soon. I think I am going to have one more challenge (a header challenge) and then start the LIMS. YAY!  
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Also, would anyone be interested in participating in a LIMS? I am considering having one on this site. Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

Don't forget to enter WEEK 44 before tomorrow!!!!
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Week 44 Reminder

Hey guys! Just a reminder that icons for Week 44 are due tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight (central time)! So please get those icons in! We need more entries. We only have icons from two people so far.

The theme for the week is a new mod icon so I definitely want a lot of beautiful entries! THANKS!